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Kroger has always been the leading grocery chain in the world. To manage their thousands and hundreds of employees scattered all over America, it is natural that they would require a connecting system. This was filled in by the presence of and Kroger ExpressHR. www, provides a consolidated, helpful format and is a user-friendly portal, keeping countless Kroger employees updated and connected.

A big company like Kroger prospers because of the hard work put in by their employees, to make their job easy and stress less, it seemed like an imperative and smart decision from Kroger. portal connects them as a unit, making things easier, quicker, and more efficient. is meant to deliver all the times Google falters in giving the right information so that the employees receive only the best.

In this article, you will get to all the details about this new portal and how it affects the Kroger employees, as well as how to log in and use the portal.

Benefits of using portal.

  • It is secure and exclusive, limited to only Kroger employees/representatives.
  • It is fast and efficient at providing the latest updates from the most trustable source: Kroger itself.
  • All information is present at a single place.
  • You get access to vital and important information such as daily task schedule and pay scale pattern etc.
  • Personal and Job related information can me found without any transmission delay, even without contacting the superiors.
  • There are various Employee exclusive discounts and benefits. Kroger employees can also apply for vacations and leaves through the app.
  • Official application so people can place their trust in it.

But before we get into the logging-in details for, we need to list the requirements for logging in as a Kroger employee.

Employee Requirements for logging in at

  • A trusted and secure internet connection is required to log in at www,
  • A device which connects to the internet.
  • Enterprise ID and concerned password.
  • A link to the official site which is

How to login at

  • Keep your company enterprise ID and Password at hand before starting the process of logging in.
  • Visit the official website at
  • You will notices blank spaces on the screen meant to fill in using your company enterprise ID and Password.
login to
  • Enter them in the required fields correctly and click on “I Agree”.
  • You’ll now be logged into the portal.

The Kroger portal is meant for the employees and after logging in, you will be granted uninterrupted access to facilities. Remember that the portal is employee exclusive and intruders easily run the risk of getting sued for trying to break into the system unlawfully. For more information, you can contact Kroger at 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377).


What is the name of the website that Kroger employees can access?

The name of the website is At this site, every employee can manage their work.

How much does Kroger Pay to the freshers?

Kroger pays the freshers around $10.53/ hour.

Where can I find Kroger Eschedule?

To access your Eschedule, first of all, visit the now enter the EUID and Password in the given space.

How do you request days off at Kroger online?

First of all log on to greatpeople portal. On the website click on the ‘myschedule‘ then on the upper right corner, you will see the schedule option.

We hope you have a good experience!

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