GreatPeople – The Kroger Employee Portal

Kroger is the United State’s largest supermarket in terms of revenue whereas is considered the second-largest company in general retail. They have so many people working in their staff. They have to manage their work schedule, their pay off, their discount and so much. So they have created the platform known as GreatPeople on their official website for their staff members so they can easily manage all their stuff online from anywhere at any time. Apart from this, it also ranks seven in the list of American-owned private employers in the United States.

Owning a wide range of supermarkets and multi-department stores, it has a huge employee base working for it. There are supermarkets, hypermarkets, departmental stores, jewelry shops, and what does not come under the big brand, Kroger. And with so many people working in these stores, it has a long chain of employees.

The Great People Platform

Kroger has launched an official website called “” for Kroger employees so that they can log in to the Kroger platform exclusively. You can use it to connect with the other employees and with other departments too. It can be seen as an official platform for all the employees which helps them complete their different but significant tasks online and even maintain productivity prospects at ease.

The portal is updated by Kroger on a daily basis to provide the latest updates about the organization and details of employee work. The platform makes it convenient for the employees to access their work calendars, track their records and pay stubs, and also schedule their shifts.


There is also an option for the employees who are registered on the www, website to connect with other employees who are also registered on the Kroger portal and communicate with them. The concept underlying this website was to create a platform where the workers could get updates, data, and privileges of several services. Krogers Schedule firmly presents all the data that has been recognized and even entangled with the current as well as future work aspects.

The Employee’s side

The employees hold the authority to log into the official portal, enter relevant data and make changes to the Kroger employee profile which gives smooth and unproblematic logging in experience every time.

In simple words, any new employee of the Kroger employee workforce will have to seek their official login credentials from the human resources department and using these credentials he or she will be able to log into the www, portal. The employees receive their Kroger EUID that is Employee User ID along with a unique password. Employees can also use the given credentials assigned by the Kroger Human Resources department to log in to the official portal or access through App. Portal Features

After talking so much about the amazing online portal of Kroger, let us have a look at what all features are present on this portal related to the employees-

  • Kroger company work data.
  • Kroger working hours.
  • Total compensation.
  • Direct deposit.
  • Emergency contacts.
  • Details about payroll, pay stub.
  • W-4 forms.
  • Personal data and profile details.
  • Kroger Email services.
  • Kroger employee benefits and discounts.

How To Register?

Here is how you can easily register on www, portal.

Step 1. Starting with the registration procedure firstly, the employee must go to the official site.

Step 2. After that click on the “Register” on the homepage.

Step 3. The registration form for the login portal is present for clients to enter relevant details needed for authentication.

Step 4. Further, enter the Employee ID and create a password using the instructions given.

Step 5. Now click on the “Register” option after entering the data.

After completing all these steps, Kroger employees are registered and can access their official accounts at the portal.

How To Login?

Once the employees are registered on the website, they must log in whenever they require to use the portal. Here are the steps to login into


Step 1. Go to the Kroger Employee Portal site at

Step 2. Now, click on the Login option to proceed.

Step 3. Now enter the registered username and password in the blank space and click the login tab to access the respective account.

Step 4. If any employee is using their account for the first time, then they must change the password for account after portal access is granted.

Step 5. After logging into the account, the users can check for discounts, products, manage work, specific working hours, and much more on the portal itself without facing any difficulties.

Step 6. The users can see all the consulting-relevant jobs, the number of vacancies for the position, in the company itself.

Step 7. Employees will get notified as soon as they enter the portal.

Step 8. People can log into the portal to use all the features that Kroger offers.

Step 9. By accessing the employee account, the users are given access to a complete employee profile, where they are asked to fill in all the details.

Step 10. Employees get complete access to their employment reports and data on the official website.

Login Benefits

We have talked about and appreciated the Kroger employee portal that is sure to develop curiosity about its benefits. Well not as a surprise, there are a lot of benefits of being a part of this portal. Let us know-how –

  1. It is accessible to all the employees by a simple user interface to swiftly transmit valuable data within other departments.
  2. Exclusive discounts are offered on the web platform products that are specially for the employees.
  3. The Kroger representatives can verify their work plan on the platform and create identical plans to escape wasting work time.

Rules and Regulations

With great convenience, come a few little rules and restrictions too. There are certain rules that the Kroger employees need to adhere to while logging into the Portal.

  1. To access the Kroger ESchedule enrollment portal, the users must have a valid username as well as a password registered in the official servers and provided by Human Resource.
  2. The employees should never give their username or password to any third parties as the credentials are meant to remain confidential.